Tinkercad Instructions


    1. Go to www.tinkercad.com

    2. Sign In

      1. Using Social Providers

      2. Pick Google

      3. Code: XGVZUWIH

    3. Click on Learn (top right hand corner)

      1. Choose Starters

      2. Complete all the Direct Starters -- there are seven of them

        1. Place it!

        2. View it!

        3. Move it!

        4. Rotate it!

        5. Size it up!

        6. Group it!

        7. Align it!

    1. Click on Learn again (top right hand corner)

      1. Choose Projects

        1. Click on See All Projects

        2. From here you can select the type of Space Station Project you want to complete. Build a rocketship, Build a housing module, Build a research pod.

        3. Once you know how to build some modules, go ahead and construct your entire Exoplanet Colony. To build your colony, increase your GRID size to 1000 x 1000 (you do this in the bottom right corner of your grid)

        4. Do some research about the types of modules you might need (crew quarters, energy production, waste management, greenhouse, etc