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This is a list of some of the most common minerals that are mined in Canada.

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VIDEOS on Mining

General info: General info on Mineral Mining

General info: Nickel and Copper Mining

Mining Issues: First Nations Concerns

Encyclopedia research:

World Book Online Encyclopedia (general information, location, uses) login: Havergal460 pw:ellenknox


Benefits of Mining in Canada: Canadian Mining Facts

Benefits of mining to communities: Mining in Alaska

Canadian mineral revenue production estimate

DISADVANTAGES of MINING (pick one to watch)

Minas Gerais Brazil

Mount Polly disaster - CBC Report 2014

Mount Polly update 2 years after the disaster - 2016


Mine Reclamation

Kitsault Mine Reclamation

Advantages and disadvantages of different mine types

Open Pit Mining Concerns

Underground Mining

Surface Mining

Concentration Mining