Grid City Layout and Fused Grid Layout

The grid system is definitely the most efficient way to layout a city. A regular street grid brings many advantages:

Predictable and regular lot shapes and sizes; easy to build and rebuild

Easy to drive through and around; if one street is blocked, the next street over can be used

Easy to add more streets

Does not provide easy movement for wildlife

Does not provide much greenspace

Fused Grid Street Plan

The Fused Grid is a neighbourhood and district street layout model that combines the geometry of inner city grids —rectangular blocks— and the geometry of conventional suburbs made with street of loops and cul-de-sacs.

This fusion results in retaining the best characteristics of each of the two geometries and none of their disadvantages, and in enhancing both the functioning and the quality of the neighbourhood and district environment.

More about Fused Grid Cities

Examples of Fused Grid Cities:

Calgary, Alberta

Houten, Netherlands