Star Size Comparison - 7 minutes

8:30-9:00 All Teams

Wanderers - Carl Sagan - 4 minutes

Space Colonization 1 - 10 minutes

9:00-9:15 The Right Stuff

50 years of Mars exploration - 5 minutes

Activities in teams:

9:15-9:30 break into teams and describe roles

Phase 1: Exploration:

Mechanical & Software Engineers build and program exploratory robots

Astronomer researches Exoplanets to explore

Architect & Life Systems Specialist design orbiting space station

Phase 2: Outposts and settlements

Mechanical & Software Engineers drive robot on exoplanet surface searching for mineral resources and signs of life

Astronomer, Architect & Life Systems Specialist design and build Exoplanet base station

Phase 3: Colonization

Two or more rovers visit Exoplanet and explore

9:30 VR begins

MECHANICAL ENGINEER - Build a Robotic Rover

1997 - The first rover to land on a planet

Rover building instructions - download from bottom of page

SOFTWARE ENGINEER - Programming a Robotic Rover and all its sensors

coding instructions (hard copy)

ASTRONOMER - Locating a suitable Exoplanet to eventually colonize

Star size comparison - 3 minutes

Exoplanets Reality - 2 minutes

Nasa's Eyes: Find and exoplanet. Complete sheet

Space Station Designer Challenge

Tinkercad instructions

ARCHITECT - Designing the structures for colonists to live and work in

Building a Mars Base video

How to build a Space Station

Martian Home Design

NASA HDU (explains some of the modules that will be needed)

Space Station Designer Challenge

Tinkercad instructions

LIFE SYSTEMS SCIENTIST - Designing Life Systems to keep colonists alive

Chris Hadfield debunks space myths - 11 minutes

Living in Space in the International Space Station (ISS) - 5 minutes

Space Station Tour - 9 minutes

Building a Mars Base video - 9 minutes


Space Station Designer Challenge

Tinkercad instructions



Our Solar System website

Basic Ingredients of Life

PBS Basic ingredients of Life video

Natural Curiosity

Accessing New Information

Bill Nye on Exploration

50 years of Mars Exploration

Technological Innovation


NASA Spinoffs

DNews - Is Space Travel Worth It?

Colonizing Planets


What about the oceans

Waste of Money

Is Space Exploration Worth It? The Royal Institution

Space Exploration is the Worst

Should we be exploring space or the oceans?

Skywatch ad

History of Animals in Space


Canadian Astronauts

US Astronauts

Lego Mars Rovers

EV3 Rover with NXT motors (orange/white)

EV3 Rover with EV3 motors (red/white)

Real Mars Rovers

Canadian Rover Development

NASA Mars Exploration Rovers

Athena Mars Rovers Spirit and Opportunity

Mars Spirit and Opportunity NASA website

Mars Pathfinder original 1997 website

Mars Curiosity Rover website

Space junk

Space debris

The trash we've left on the moon

Space debris and human spacecraft

General Websites covering all topics:

European Space Agency - SpaceFlight

European Space Agency - Kids site

Kids Astronomy Dictionary

Canadian Space Agency - Vocabulary

Enchanted Learning - Astronomy

The Canadian Space Agency

Astronomy Simulations and Animations


Alien Earths

NASA - Human Space Flight site

Nasa Solar System Exploration

NASA's Space Settlement Requirements

Past NASA Missions