Ozobot Graphics

STEP 1: Bluetooth Connection

Watch this video so you know how to connect in Step 2 below.

STEP 1.1: Attach pen holder


Ozobot should be tilted backwards so that the pen is on a slight angle away from Ozobot.


In this setup, the pen is causing Ozobot to lean forward and it will not work well this way. The holder is mounted too low.


Launch Ozobot Blockly (click here). 

STEP 3.1: Coding (Mild - introduction).


Practise drawing some simple lines.

Activity 1

Make your Ozobot draw this code.

Notice that when it rotates, the pen draws and arc.

Activity 2

How is this code different than Tutorial 1?

Activity 3

Add a loop to the lines of code from Activity 1 or 2.  You can choose.  You can also choose the number of times to repeat the code.

Activity 4

Change some of the "arguments" - such as "step" distance. You can also try to put an instruction outside of the loop to see the impact it has on the shape. Try negative numbers.

STEP 3.2: Coding (Medium - bit of a challenge)


Practise drawing some shapes using angles in degrees

Activity 1

Use this command to program Ozobot to draw a circle.

Activity 2

Use this command to program Ozobot to draw a square.

Does it look different than you expected?

Activity 3

Use the REPEAT command to draw 6 of the same shape from Activity 2 beside each other many times. That is, to translate the shape.

STEP 3.3: Coding (Spicy - most challenging)

Use Blockly Level 4

Activity 1

Program Ozobot to move forward an amount you want and then make a 60 degree angle. Repeat these instructions 6 times.

What shape do you think it will make?

Activity 2

Change the repeat to a larger number of your choice.  Can you predict the shape it will make?

Activity 3

Try this code. What shape do you think it will make?

Activity 4

Program Ozobot to draw a repeating shape of your design using translations or rotations or both.