Urban planning is the preparation of planning for the development of towns, cities, and metropolitan regions.

Most towns and cities are continuously developing. However, every now and then an opportunity arises for an entire new settlement to be created and designed from scratch. The design includes the road layout, the placement of homes, businesses, schools, hospitals and other important buildings.

Just north of Toronto, a new planned community is being designed, called The Orbit. You can research it below and will then be tasked with proposing an energy source for the residents of The Orbit that is practical and has the least impact as possible on the environment.


The Orbit

The Orbit: A real city of tomorrow being considered NOW.


The mayor of The Orbit is looking for innovative ideas to provide clean, sustainable electricity for their residents.


Number of homes: 50,000 (total population is 150,000 people)

Target energy production; 500 Megawatts (average consumption is 10,000 kW per home).

  1. You will apply your knowledge of energy sources by selecting one or more power plant solutions to power a new (and real) project in Innisfil, called The Orbit. A planned community for 150,000 people.

  2. Data from real Ontario power plants is provided on the Energy Sources page. That information will help you determine which energy source is best. You are allowed to use one energy type, or several, it is up to you. You must consider the PROS and CONS of each in your decision-making.