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Anthropocene Interactive

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IUCN Redlist


1. How to Grow a Planet

Habitat Class Google Maps

4P Map

4M Map

Station 1: iPad The Beauty of Pollination (4 minutes long)

Station 2: Whiteboard - The Travelling Sales bug

Station 3: The Waggle Dance Bee Waggle Dance (3 minutes long)

Station 4: Microscope with flower / bee

Station 5: iPad Bee Colony Collapse Disorder

Station 6: iPad RoboBEE and Slo Mo Bumble Bee

Station 7 own seats: Back of Pollination worksheet:

Animal Database - search on Food Habits to learn whether an animal is an herbivore, carnivore or omnivore

Food Chain Challenge

Wild Neighbours Flash

Databases of plants, animals and fungi

Catalogue of Life - online database of all known life on earth

Ontario Species at Risk - Searchable database of Ontario Plants and Animals

Canadian Wildlife Federation - Click on the magnifying glass

National Geographic Kids - Animal research page

Evergreen Canada Plant research database

Databases focussed on one species

Butterfly Database

Ontario Butterfly Database

Spider Database

Insects of Ontario

Bug Guide this is an amateur website run by people who like insects

Toronto Historical Maps:

Google Earth Timelapse

Interactive Historical map of Toronto

Toronto's hidden rivers

Video on how to use the Interactive Historical map of Toronto

SimLife simulator

Toronto Biodiversity Booklets