Impact of Flight on Society

Information on the term CARBON FOOTPRINT

Information on GREENHOUSE GASES by Bill Nye


Canada's Firepower

World War I

Aircraft and World War I

Royal Canadian Air Force

Canadians to pay millions to upgrade airforce fighter jets

Avro Arrow - technological advancements

Animal Welfare:

Bird and Deer Behind Thousands of Airplane Emergencies

Noise Effects on Wildlife

NoiseQuest - how noise affects people and wildlife

Rhino airlifting

Saving Species

Pooch Squadron


Dreading Those Drones - New York Times

Drones and flight safety

Drones Pros and Cons

Backyard Privacy Rules

Five Uses for Drones

Drones and Emergency Deliveries

Tourism Industry:

Tourism Costs and Benefits

Advantages of Tourism to an Economy

Air Travel and Sustainability - David Suzuki Organization

Travel Sustainability - David Suzuki Organization

Trains vs Air Travel

27 Reasons Trains are Better Than Planes

Top 10 Reasons to Travel by Train

Climate Change:

Can Airplanes Be Environmentally Friendly? (video)

Carbon Footprint Calculator

Air Travel's Impact on Climate Change


Airline Strike Effect on Business

Flight Disruption due to Natural Disaster

Impact on Business

Economic and Social Benefits of Air Travel - scroll down to page 2 (page numbers at bottom)


Health Hazards in Air Travel

Harmful Things Flying does to your body

Air Ambulance

Noise Impact from Airports

ORNGE - air ambulance in Ontario

Careers in Aviation:

Health Hazards in Air Travel

Harmful Things Flying does to your body

Explore Careers

A list of Careers related to Air Travel

Careers in Aviation

Wages in Aviation

Pilots, Cabin Crew and Skin Cancer