Earth, Moon & Sun

Use the links below to explore the movements of the earth, moon and sun. Some links are videos while those that are called interactive are websites you can play with and move things around to see the effect the movement has on the earth.

Day and Night

This short video shows how the earth rotates on it's axis, creating day and night.


This short video shows how the earth's tilt can create different seasons on the earth.

Equinoxes & Solstices

This short video shows 4 key times of the year; the two equinoxes and the two solstices.

Seasons Interactive

Use this resource to view how Earth’s tilt causes seasons from different perspectives and to develop and use models of sunlight received at Earth’s surface.
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Moon phases Interactive

Explore the Earth–Sun–Moon system to understand the phases of the Moon using this simulation. Develop your understanding of why the Moon’s appearance changes through a cycle of phases as viewed from Earth.
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Eclipses Explained

This video explains the difference between a SOLAR eclipse and a LUNAR eclipse.
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Wheel of Names

Can you put the earth, moon and sun in the position the Wheel of Names has challenged you to do.
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Sun's rays interactive

As you move the earth around the sun, you can see how the angle of the sun's rays changes at the same place on earth.
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