Grade 5

The three sub-sections, Forces on Structures, Natural Disasters and Preparing for a Natural Disaster should provide you with enough information to create your project.

Natural Disaster Game:

The purpose of your game is to help you understand and teach others of the forces that can act on structures (not just buildings) during a natural disaster. However, since this is a game of natural disasters most of the events that happen to a player have to be unfortunate. Good ideas or safety tips can be built into your game and used for skipping ahead. Your game can be either general, about several different types of natural disasters, or it can be specific and cover one type of natural disaster in detail.

You will have to research the natural disasters and determine what kind of force is being applied to the structure.

Your game should have realistic science behind it, and consider the following:

  • What effect that force could have on a structure in your game

  • Use scientific terms like compression, tension, bending, torsion

  • Identify some features or inventions to help overcome some of the forces caused by natural disasters

  • Identify materials that could be used in structures to withstand or fail during a natural disaster

  • Identify safety considerations people should take when trying to protect themselves during natural disasters

Design Criteria for your game:

No more than 50 squares

Must use two dice. Just as storms and natural disasters have certain probabilities of happening, your game will use the probability of dice - you need to learn about dice probability and apply it.

No more than 2 game assets (that is, two types of cards (Eg Monopoly has Chance and Opportunity cards, each that have different consequences)

Your game must have an element of 3 dimensionality to it, that is, it should include a structure, either built, destroyed or some other idea.

If you are using 'go ahead' or 'move back' events, they cannot be more than 3 spaces.

You can have one huge natural disaster that affects everyone very negatively, but the probability of it must be low.