PHeT Simulator

Energy and Electricity plans of Canada's leading political parties:

Liberal energy/environment plan

Progressive Conservation energy/environment plan

New Democratic Part energy/environment plan

Green Party energy/environment plan

Electrification of Downton Abbey - 20 minute video

Morse Code Generator/Translator


EPIC book collections:

Spotlight on Energy Collection - books with PROS and CONS

Books about energy that might help prepare for a debate

ENERGY 101 videos:


Electricity 101

Energy overview

Energy storage overview

Climate Change and Energy

Non-renewable energy specific:

Fossil Fuels overview

Coal 101

Natural Gas 101

Nuclear Energy 101

Oil 101

Renewable energy specific:

Renewable Overview

Hydroelectricity 101

Geothermal 101

BioMass 101

BioFuels 101

Wind Power 101

Solar 101

This is the end of the debate resource section. However, anything below this point may still be helpful.

How many people does it take to turn on a lightbulb (6 mins)

Energy Sources - Identify the 4 main non-renewable energy sources and 5 renewable energy sources. (skip secondary energy sources)

List of Appliance Energy Consumption (use the monthly number)

GE Total Electric Home - 1950 video describing the electric home of the future (12 mins)

How a Thermo Electric Power Plant works (10 mins)

Types of Energy production

PHeT DC Circuit Simulator

Electrical Symbols

Sample Circuit Diagram

SNAP conductivity tester

Electricity Unit Vocabulary

Electricity - Static

Types of Energy production

Ontario's Power

IESO - Ontario's Power Generation Map

IESO - Spreadsheet of Annual Energy output by generating station

Ontario Power Generation

Hydro (renewable)

Thermal (non-renewable)

Nuclear (non-renewable)

Renewable Energy Suppliers

Bullfrog Power