Pros and Cons - Space X

Points of View:

Mark Rober - Is NASA a waste of money? (6 mins)

Mark Grist - Royal Institute - Is space travel worth it? (5 mins)

Space or Ocean? Which should we explore? (3.5 mins)

Neil deGrasse Tyson on space exploration (3 mins)


NASA Home and City website

Satellites what information do they provide? (3.5 mins)

Space data that is used to monitor the earth (2 mins)


Landing humans on Mars - how dangerous is it? (7.5 mins)

7 Minutes of Terror - the last 7 minutes prior to landing on Mars (5 mins)

Effect of space travel on the human body - what happens to the human body in space travel? (3.5 mins)

Moon trash (6 mins)

What did we leave on the moon (5 mins)

Space Junk (12 mins)

Space debris (6 mins)

Comparing big company revenue with space exploration costs (3 mins)