Forces on Structures

Forces of Wonder - scroll to bottom and click on the file to download it.

Truss bridge designs

Truss Bridge Designs - New Jersey Municipal Offices

Spotter's Guide to bridge designs

Image of different Truss designs

PBS - Loads Lab - this site lets you apply forces like wind and earthquakes to structures

PBS - Shapes Lab - this site reviews arches, triangles and other shapes

PBS - Materials Lab - this site shows how different materials affect the stability of the structure

These sites are mostly interactive, that is, you have to adjust them and see what happens. There is often information about the force.

BBC - Tornado interactive

Tornado simulator video

BBC - Hurricane interactive

NPR - Hurricane simulator

Science Channel - 2 minute videos on hurricanes, earthquake, ancient ideas, sandstorms,

BBC - Earthquake interactive

Earthquake simulator

BBC - Volcano interactive

Discovery Kids Volcano Explorer

BBC - Tsunami interactive

NOVA - Tsunami interactive